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What Makes Us Different

"To value our children, we must cherish our parents." -John Bowlby 

We Like to Be Different

We approach therapy a little differently.  At Partners In Parenting it’s all about relationships.  Our clinicians have specialized training in specific areas of relational health, including relationships between parents and children, couples, and the family as a whole.   From our evaluations to our therapy services, we are family focused with a particular emphasis on helping parents raise their children to the best of their ability.  As adults, we know that being a parent can be both the hardest challenge and the best reward.  Children thrive when their parents are supported and equipped to manage the ups and downs of life.  This focus on supporting parents and strengthening relationships is just one thing that makes us different.  Keep reading to learn more.  

Parent Focused
Dad with daughter therapy family parent centered

Parent Centered Approach

Research confirms what parents already know: parents matter.  Both powerful and enduring, the relationship between parent and child is a primary source of healing and positive change  for the whole family. The cycle of change starts by supporting and emotionally equipping parents.  Our therapists partner with parents using an array of evidence-based evaluation and therapy services that are proven to help build the strong, emotionally sensitive relationships they desire with their children.  

Highly Trained

Highly Trained Professionals

Our clinicians are licensed mental health professionals with advanced degrees and specialized trainings and certifications.  We are experts in the fields of attachment, relational health, parenting, and trauma. Our group of child clinical psychologists and licensed clinical social workers offers a unique and integrated understanding of families in the child welfare system.   At Partners In Parenting, we understand that the most valuable assets we offer the community are our clinicians.  We are committed to providing our clinicians with the most up-to-date training available and on-going consultation to ensure the highest level of clinical care.  

Evidence Based

Continuum of Research-Based


Families are not all the same.  At Partners In Parenting, we understand that services must be tailored to the needs of the individual family. That is why we offer a continuum of research-based evaluation and treatment options. Services range from psychoeducation and prevention-focused parent groups to traditional outpatient services to specialized parent-child evaluations and interventions.  A range of services allows us to meet the needs of each family and to be flexible and responsive as needs change over time.    

Continuum of evidence based services

Working Through Partnerships

Our name says it: we see ourselves as partners - partners with parents, partners with the community, partners with other treatment providers. Going far often takes going together; we want to help families go far. We are commited to helping connect families with needed resources in the community and collaborating as a team with other professionals. We also take the idea of partnership seriously within our organization and utilize monthly group supervision and on-going consultation to support one another.

Partnerships to support child/children and families
Advocating for children in the social welfare system

Advocating for Families

Partners In Parenting brings an innovative model of mental health services to the RVA community. We hope not only to better the lives of individual families, but also to strive to go farther and impact the child welfare system as a whole.  We are a hybrid business model: a unique combination of evidence-based clinical services and a nonprofit agency.  We are committed to growing our nonprofit to develop best practices, to evaluate outcomes, to train mental health providers, and to advocate for policy relating to children and families.   Learn More..

Advocates in Parenting
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