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Individual evaluation of a parent or a child that utilizes multiple sources of information, potentially including personality, cognitive, adaptive, parenting, substance abuse screening, and academic test data as well as extensive record review and collateral contacts. 


A full psychological report follows these evaluations and includes specific treatment recommendations.  

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The Parent-Child Attachment Evaluation | Community Funding Required 

An Attachment Evaluation is a research-based evaluation of parent-child attachment and caregiving patterns. It identifies health and quality of the child’s attachment to the parent(s) or caregiver, and the results are most often used in the Video-based Attachment Intervention.


It is Intended for permanent placements or those at risk of disruption.

Experiences Build Brain Architecture, Attachment Shapes Brain Circuitry and Toxic Stress Derails Healthy Development

The Multi-Systemic Evaluation | Community Funding Required 

A Parenting Evaluation is a psychological evaluation of the individual parent which incorporates standard measures of mental health, cognitive functioning, and parenting competencies.


A Parent Evaluation is most helpful when there are questions regarding mental health diagnosis, cognitive competency, and parenting knowledge.  It does not provide the information about the attachment patterns and relationship between parent and child that the Attachment Evaluation provides.  

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