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Parent-Centered Support

Research confirms what parents already know: parents matter.  Both powerful and enduring, the relationship between parent and child is a primary source of healing and positive change for the whole family. Children’s outcomes are indelibly linked to their parents’ well-being.  By investing in parents and supporting and emotionally equipping them to parent to the best of their ability, we help children and families flourish.  Our therapists partner with parents using an array of research-based evaluation and therapy services that are proven to help build the strong, emotionally sensitive relationships that parents desire with their children. 

Going Beyond the Expected

Partners in Parenting is a family-focused mental health practice providing evaluations, interventions, outpatient therapy, and parent consultation in and around Richmond, Virginia. Using an innovative model of service delivery Partners in Parenting provides both research-based clinical services for families and a nonprofit focused on research, professional training, parent education, and advocacy.


Our mission is to improve outcomes for at-risk children by providing high quality services to support parents. We aim to go beyond the expected. Our “two-generation approach” is designed to impact the whole family by treating the family as a unit.  Going beyond the individual family unit, our aim is to impact the social welfare system as a whole by evaluating our services, advocating best practices, and training other providers.

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